She Came To Drop Bombs!

BOOM. It’s Anna Reusch! The first lovely lady I have the pleasure of writing about on my blog. These men eh? What are they like.

Well I’ll tell you what Anna Reusch is like. Strong and gutsy. With influences drawn from the Frankfurt techno scene and an early interest in composing music in her stead, she is driving her Groove Train into an admittedly male-dominated realm with proper gusto. Out of her way!

Her tracks pack one heck of a punch and there are more to come – so keep an eye on this beauty. The basis of her tracks maintain pace with rhythmic repetition and heavy, grinding bass and her drops are always exciting explosions of drama and frenzy. KAPOW! Some tracks have a jazzy edge, incorporating brass samples (it’s all about trumpets these days) while others are minimal and trancey (Lanza). It is loud and stompy and she clearly isn’t scared to push it for maximum effect. Good on her.

Reusch adds playful synth flourishes and voice samples to La Fiesta to lend it a more (name appropriate) celebratory feel. This style is likely to appeal to those who might not be as into something like Higher Contrast, for example, which is more industrial. The amount of variety and attention to audience appeal in a (so far!) fairly limited portfolio suggests we can justifiably expect fireworks from Reusch.

And boy, do I love a good firework.


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