Track of the week: Cheer Up – Bostro Pesopeo

We are certainly not talking a Beach Boys sort of “cheer up” (this is a techno blog, ahem) but this track is charming and I’ve listened to it a lot over the past week.

It’s steady in tempo with a relaxing, bassy intro and a continued repeating structure. Bum bum bum-bum. Like a heartbeat to begin with. (That is a loose analogy.)

Should you feel disposed you might do a little dance as the track develops in a more upbeat direction – depending on the situation, obviously. It’s quite toned down on the whole in comparison to other tech house which can move towards pop stylistically, but the beat is there. So there’s potential for a side-step or a head-nod, or whatever your thing is. I’m not telling you how to dance – that’s up to you, dear friends!

Munich-based Bostro Pesopeo likes to experiment with wonky old synthesisers to create abstract work, sometimes very sci-fi. Here though, fragments are stacked neatly, introduced and removed, intensified and stripped back to create an interesting, bouncy and cheerful sound overall. Mission accomplished.

I discovered it on a compilation, which you might lend an ear to.


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