Track of the week: Keep This Fire Burning – Parov Stelar

This track is definitely not as minimal and techy as the stuff I might usually write about. It’s all strings, piano and trumpet combined with soul vocals. Actually it would be great performed live with a band. Anyway it’s a fun one, and I mention it because I would like also to draw your attention to the whole album.

The Demon Diaries seems to vary massively in style, so it has something for everyone. There are a few tracks I like to do a little skip over, mind. I Need L.O.V.E is dead disco, whilst Berlin Shuffle combines (a technique typical for Stelar) jazz/swing elements with a dance beat and structure. Electroswing, so it’s called. It’s good for practicing your Charleston.

This double album (there’s a lot to go at!) ends on an oddly solemn note (I love it) with The Lonely Trumpet, which is more minimal, foregrounding, well, the lonely trumpet. The track has that jazz blues feel of the Beat Generation and its associated sound. You could almost imagine a few samples of Howl being thrown in there, if you really try.

So it’s an interesting one. Fun and serious. Give it a go!

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One response to “Track of the week: Keep This Fire Burning – Parov Stelar

  1. Great choice! Happy you like Parovs new entry. Still have to work my way through the album!

    Would love to see him live this year, but he might only appear on festivals in 2015. We’ll see…

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