Track of the week: Sleep Talk (Radio Edit) [feat. Valentine] – EINMUSIK

In future I intend to make more of a thing of this weekly track business on a day that probably isn’t a Tuesday. JUST SO YOU KNOW.

But I got too excited when I noticed just now that Einmusik has released the radio edit of Sleep Talk, so I thought I might, you know, talk about it a bit.

What I love about this artist is that he has a really unique sound – I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again! This track has the same rounded pumping bass layered with playful claps, twirls and vibrating synth. The opening is nice and bouncy and has echoes of Pheasant, released in 2009, and Silveroid a couple of years ago so his new track reflects the longevity and consistency of his style.

Here Einmusik has created a solid base on which to foreground Valentine‘s lovely lovely vocals, which are soothing, emotional AND good for a sing along. If you’re into that. Otherwise it’s also an excellent foot-tapper in general.


You can pre-order his new album which will be released 12th June 2015 and if his others are anything to go by I’d recommend you give it a listen.

Good stuff!


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