DGTL Dancing

Firstly I must say in light of recent hilarious video-watching amongst my friends the title of this blog post might, I fear, set everyone off again.

What I actually want to talk about is an observation I made at DGTL festival recently. 

There seems to be a phenomenon of festival goers armed with an apparently incredibly complicated dance move – or at least so it seems to those incapable of it – which fits very appropriately rhythm-wise to tech house. Apparently it is a trend in Holland called Koninjendans or “The Rabbit Dance”. It’s a sort of bouncy shuffle where the feet move alternately back and forward whilst the arms do this sort of twirly downward punching motion. There are variations on style obviously. Some are so bouncy they are almost hovering. On a number of occasions I got so engrossed watching people doing it that I completely forgot how to dance because my body wasn’t doing THAT dance move. It’s a menace!

The thing is, although it sounds as though it would make you look completely demented, it actually looks quite cool (in some cases). And it seems to be men who do it most. Interesting.

Here it is!


And if you want to learn:


I must learn.


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